Peace For Mary Frances

Mary Frances has lived a good life; she's ninety years old and ready to die. Born to refugees fleeing the Armenian genocide, her last wish is to die peacefully at home surrounded by her family. Her dream collides with reality as three generations of explosive women flood her small New England home to battle for their family’s legacy. Mary Frances must navigate the volatile relationships of the children she raised -- or die trying. Lois Smith stars as a tenacious survivor, struggling to break the bonds that tie her to this life. Directed by Lila NeugebauerLily Thorne’s Peace for Mary Frances is a wrenching and caustically funny portrait of an American family in crisis.

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There will be an open caption performance on Sunday, June 10 at 2pm. Use code PFMF to access tickets or you can purchase by phone at 212-279-4200 and mention code PFMF.


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