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The NEC 2017 Reading Series

Fixing Mother’s Day
by Cliff Blake

In the newly ignited American Civil Rights Civil War between Citizens and Law Enforcement, perhaps it is peace that matters most. Ask any Mother. Especially a Mother who has buried a child. Sung the Mother’s Day Blues. It is easy to write a play about racial injustice. To fan flames of anger. Escalate confrontation. America is rife with material for that. It is far harder to heal. To hope. This New Symphony of Civil Rights, a black-and-white verismo of sorts, spotlights what may be our smallest minority — colorblind heroes who offer us their precious gifts: hope and healing. Heroes who truly put themselves in someone else’s skin in the heat of battle: This work, sprinkled with poetic, DOJ-transcript-and-eyewitness-testimony verse, brings to life too many tragic stories of our time, complete with their shameful ugliness. 

by Layon Gray

SYNOPSIS:  A spin off of the iconic play A Raisin In The Sun ...both Willy and Bobo are friends of Walter Lee. The three of them had discussed an idea of opening their own liquor store. In a pivotal emotional scene Bobo tells Walter Lee that Willy has run off with the money Walter gave him to invest in the liquor store deal..." when a cat take off with your money he don't leave you no road maps!" WHAT IF .... Willy never left the city... WHAT IF Willy is hiding out in an abandoned hotel room on the south side of Chicago waiting for Bobo to return. In this POWERFUL 80 minute " two man" show, does a "dream deferred sag like a heavy load... or does it Explode!!!

by Dave Hanson

The themes of this play involve time, relationships, memory and fidelity.  An older couple one day suddenly realizes they are in an apartment they do not recognize.  They can’t remember when or how they got there.  As they are trying to understand their circumstance, a younger couple arrives who can neither see nor hear them.  The lives of these four drift through life and death, fidelity and infidelity, and spirituality weaving time, space and motion.

Headache’s Gone
by Karimah

Is a look at how society responds to encounters with its members suffering from mental disabilities.  It explores the journeys loved ones take to obtain assistance.  It questions experimental medications.  And, finally, Headache’s Gone, asks do you see us?

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