No Reason To Cry – The One Woman Show by Judy Torres

NO REASON TO CRY is an autobiographical musical about the life of Judy Torres. Born & raised in the Bronx, Torres tells how she overcomes financial, social & physical obstacles in order to live her dreams of becoming a professional singer. Despite lacking the necessary resources, her unstoppable efforts & passion finally landed her a record deal in 1987, recording in a new genre of 80s music called Freestyle. While her first recording, No Reason to Cry, took her on a ride to the taste of some fame, some fortune & sold-out performances at world-famous venues…no one knew of her simultaneous struggles with bullying, failed relationships, a diagnosis of an incurable disease, and depression that followed her throughout her life.

Now, as Torres turns fifty, she tells her tales of these struggles through music.  Sharing the secret and sacred truth of her experiences & how, ironically, her own music and her fans who follow her literally saved her life. No Reason to Cry has become a mantra for many...and for Judy Torres, she hopes, her life's legacy and gift to others! 

In her early life, she remained silent, but, finally, in this show, Judy finally finds her voice. Listen with an open heart - as she invites you to remember that no matter how tough life gets, there's no reason to cry!

“There's no reason for you to cry my love, 'cause I'll always be around. So, dry your tears, my love, I'm here...always standing by your side!" 

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